Asian Celebrity Culture


Subaltern Studies is proud to announce the launch of the Asian Celebrity Culture research group. The group has created a project page (an online resource for the study of Asian celebrity cultures). The objective of the research is to study the similarities and differences within Asian celebrity cultures and their relationship with Western celebrity cultures. On the resource page the group puts out illustrations from China and India pertaining to celebrity culture, reading lists, and literature and concepts. The group is headed by Melody Ting Wang and Kishore Budha.

The research page has the following contents:

1 Celebrity Culture Concept Map
2 Definitions / Literature

3 Chinese Celebrities

4 Indian Celebrity Culture and media

5 Media Examples
6 Footnotes
7 Bibliography/Readings

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  1. hi, Budha,it’s pleasure to know you.i am a postgraduate student from the university of leeds. and I have just read this post. i found my research question of dissertation is similar to yours in some degree. My research question is to what extent are chinese forms of celebrity culture different to western forms. So could i read your research paper?That will be really help me . and i will really appreciate that. thanks a lot. My email address is
    Jenny chia

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