Pakistan in India media Apr 28

Summary: The US capture of Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi was widely covered by Indian media and along with other media reports reaffirms the Subaltern Media analysis that the coverage of politics and military/terrorist activities in Pakistan falls under the larger frames of a) failed political system, b) the hold of clerics over politics, c) Pakistan as the centre for the export of Islamic terrorism to India and abroad. The Indian Express reported that he was accused of “launching attacks on US and coalition forces from Pakistan”. The Hindustan Times said: “Al-Qaeda’s leadership in Pakistan is the remnants of the core militant network blamed for the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington that prompted the Bush administration’s war on terrorism.” A report about a thwarted terrorist attack in Delhi was also linked to Pakistan. Other reports include the banning of the play about Burqa and the fatwa against polio innoculation in Pakistan. Other stories included a late report by Hindustan Times that the opposition would derail Musharraf’s re-election.

Total stories: 11
Bilateral relations: 1
Politics: 3
Terrorism: 7

Bilateral relations

Indian team studies Pakistan tea market
Hindu – Chennai,India
ISLAMABAD: Spurred by a 50 per cent jump in tea exports to Pakistan, a delegation of Indian growers, traders and exporters led by the Tea Board is here for …


Pak. theatre banned from staging satirical play on ‘burqa’
Hindu – Chennai,India
27 (PTI): In an apparent move to appease pro-Taliban clerics threatening to impose Shariah law here, Pakistan government has banned a progressive theatre …

Fatwa on polio drops because they turn kids “sexually impotent”
Hindustan Times
Thousands of children below five years in Peshawar could not be administered polio drops, after a fatwa issued by anti-state cleric Maulana Fazal Ullah declared that these drops could turn the kids “sexually impotent”.

Pak opp parties threaten to quit to foil Musharraf re-election
Hindustan Times, India
PTI. As Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf confirmed his plans to get re-elected, some opposition parties in the country have threatened to quit en-bloc …


Delhi celebrations on Lashkar hit list
Hindu – Chennai,India
The Delhi police received a tip-off that Al Kama, who fled to Pakistan after the October 2005 blasts, had directed Abu Ammar, a Pakistan national based in …

Uprising function was LeT target?
Times of India
One of those arrested, Abu Qasim alias Mohammed Hassan, is an expert in preparing explosive devices. Qasim belongs to Punjab in Pakistan and was working for LeT commander Abu Alqama, who is also said to be the mastermind of serial blasts in Delhi in October 2005.

Top al-Qaeda man in US custody
Indian Express, India
He was a long-time trainer at one of al-Qaeda training camps and had ties to extremist groups allied with al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, according to …

US announces capture of senior Al Qaeda member
Hindustan Times, India
Al-Hadi sat on Al Qaeda’s now-defunct Shura leadership council before the September 11 attacks and had most recently operated from bases in Pakistan’s …

Top Qaida leader in US custody
Times of India – New Delhi,India
WASHINGTON: A top Al-Qaida commander who led operations in Afghanistan and plotted the assassination of Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf has been taken …

Bomb rocks international airport in north west Pakistan
Hindustan Times, India
A bomb exploded at an international airport in northwest Pakistan on Saturday causing slight damage to the building, officials said. …

1,400 killed in Waziristan operations: Pak Governor
Hindustan Times, India
At least 1,400 people have been killed in over 100 military operations in Pakistan’s northern Waziristan Agencies, with the government handing over 600 militants to the US, the Governor of NWFP has said.

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