Media policies on hyperlinks = gatekeeping

In this day and age of brand ambassadors and PR machinery, Azamgarh has found its brand ambassadors not only in celebrities like Shabana Azmi but lay individuals from the place trying to repair the image of their hometown. But as the battle for mindspace rages and we are quick to brand and position anything from islands to cities to humans and furniture, it would take many more such blogs for Azamgarh to overcome this positioning.

‘Bloggers try to change Azamgarh’s sullied image’ says NDTV (here); ‘Azamgarh NRIs’ online effort to restore lost faith’, says Times of India (here).

Both reports provide us details of what the bloggers are saying. Aplogies I nitpick but nowhere in the reports do they link to the blogs or provide the URL to the blogs. Tut, tut, tut

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