(CFP) Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research

Intellect would like to announce the launch of a new peer-reviewed journal which hopes to make a significant contribution to studies of contemporary Media.

Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research
ISSN 1751-9411

Volume 1 Issue 1

Editorial: Noureddine Miladi

Unpacking the discursive and social links in BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera’s Middle East reporting
Leon Barkho

The never-ending story: Palestine, Israel and The West Wing
Philip Cass

Reverse glocalization? Marketing a Turkish cola in the shadow of a giant
Filiz Çiçek, Yesim Kaptan and Christine L. Ogan

The US media, Camp David and the Oslo Peace process
Andrew Piner

What is a blatte? Migration and ethnic identity in contemporary Sweden
Corina Lacatus

Book Reviews: Olivia Allison and Shabana Syed

To access the free electronic copy of the inaugural issue, please visit the journal’s website and register your details at (LINK):

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research is a new refereed academic publication dedicated to the study of communication, culture and society in the Arab and Muslim world. It aims to lead the debate about the rapid changes in media and society in that part of the world. This journal is also interested in diasporic media like satellite TV, radio and new media especially in Europe and North America. The journal serves a large international community of academics, researchers, students, journalists, policy makers and other members of the public in the West as well as the Arab and Muslim countries.

We welcome contributions on but not restricted to the following themes:

1. Communication and development in the Arab region
2. Media and the Construction of public opinion
3. Media and social change in the Arab and Muslim world
4. Media coverage of wars and conflicts in the region
5. New media, culture and society in the Arab and Muslim World
6. Arab/Muslim youth, identity and the media
7. Media and women empowerment
8. Diasporic media and diasporic audiences
9. Global media and its impact on local cultures
10. Blogging and the changing face of journalism practice
11. Reality TV and the tabloidisation of Arab media
12. Pan-Arab Satellite TV and audience research
13. Media, subcultures, and resistance in the Arab and Muslim countries

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