Violence, by Slavoj Žižek

A note from the publishers

violencebookcover.jpgViolence: it’s an inescapable part of modern life. And it’s bewildering. It seems random, its motives incomprehensible. That’s inevitable: as Žižek says, ‘the overpowering horror of violent acts and empathy for the victims inexorably function as a lure which prevents us from thinking’. It’s time to think deeply – and in a different way. Casting six sideways glances at violence, this book:

  • shows the ‘structural’ violence at the heart of global capitalism – why ‘liberal humanitarians’ like Bill Gates and George Soros are part of the problem, not the solution
  • deconstructs the western media’s coverage of crime, civil unrest and humanitarian crises – what the makes the headlines and what’s left out
  • unravels the motives of terrorists and the ‘divine violence’ propelling suicide bombers – and shows why, by contrast, the rioters in New Orleans and Paris brought harm only to themselves
  • exposes the racism and fear at the root of liberal, tolerant societies obsessed with political correctness

… and explains why the ‘war on terror’ will never be won unless we change the way we think about our economies, our social relations, and ourselves. Drawing on a plethora of unconventional references which range from Sartre to Orwell, from Freud to folklore, Žižek brings together diverse threads of politics, philosophy, film, literature and psychoanalysis in this controversial study.

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