Wonderful web worlds of child prodigies

here. Lavinashree’s website states:

It is their cherised (sic) desire that she always strives to rise to the challenges ahead and emerge as a silver lining on the grey cloud winning adulation and accolades aplenty. (link, accessed 30 Dec 2008)


Accessed from URL http://childprodigylavinashree.com/awards.html on 30 Dec, 2008

The website also hosts an image that appropriates the Wikipedia branding and presents an entry  into its pages as an achievement. Is this a certificate issued by Wikipedia? Is this a self-promotion advert produced by/for the family? This certificate was also displayed on the NDTV newsreport by Sam Daniels. If you are intrigued, you might be vaguel amused by my guest post at Kafila.org, “Child prodigies and television news scripts… aaaw!”. Read it in Kafila.org here.

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