The last word in the media

for 2008 perhaps came from Ramchandra Guha writing in the Outlook

The task before us now is not to put this past twelvemonth behind us, but rather to learn, from what happened then, to more sensitively manage the tensions and conflicts within. The premature internationalists must set aside their concern-perhaps one should say ‘obsession’-with the number of Indian billionaires in the Forbes list, the number of nuclear weapons we own, and the memberships of international bodies we covet. The parochialists, for their part, might think of working to moderate conflicts of language, caste and religion, rather than-as is their wont-seeking to intensify them. Were this to happen, we may yet succeed in making 2009 a year in which the Indian chaos shall be manageable, the Indian anarchy, humane, and the Indian disorder, tolerable. (link)

And Hindustan Times ended the year on more blackslapping over international prestige. According to it, the best bits of India in 2008 were “India’s nuclear isolation ended, India replaced US as second largest mobile phone market…” :


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