(CFP) SAPC: Inter/New Media in South Asia

South Asian Popular Culture invites papers for a Special Issue exploring the theme of intermedia, new media, media ecologies and its relation to diverse forms of South Asian popular culture. This special issue of SAPC aims to explore and critically engage with the issues and implications created by the emergence of new media for living, politics, and culture in South Asia and its diasporas. The editors encourage innovative trans-disciplinary dialogues in wrestling with theoretical and practical debates surrounding the cultural, biological, political, and economic contexts of emerging media and technology.

Papers that present research outcomes, industry trends or developments, describe case studies or works in progress, are speculative projection, challenge existing paradigms or record a history, are all welcome. Submissions are encouraged from any professional, craft or scholarly field that relates to South Asian new media art/design, cultural expression, practice and aesthetics, and the technical means by which they are enabled.

Topics of interests may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Defining the characteristics and features of Inter/New media in South Asia and its diasporas.
  2. New relationships created between artists and audiences through Inter/New-media practices.
  3. Connections to pre-digital practice in South Asia. The term Intermedia predates cyberspace and digital media, yet it seems comfortable with them; the history of media ecologies would be situated within an evolutionary framework.
  4. Inter/New-media in digital arts programs: the development of digital arts programs around a process of integration, and the integration of proximal areas of interest or histories; interactive and networked performances; digital aesthetics; bio-art, nano-art.
  5. Changes in the body and perception in new media ecologies in South Asia.
  6. Histories and theories of new media activism, collective identity, and new forms of citizenship in social movements in South Asia (for example Video Sewa).
  7. Digital communications and ways of relating across social and cultural difference in, for example, computer games or new media narratives; MOOs, MUDs, RPG in South Asian contexts.
  8. Cinema, TV and the rise of the internet, www, and online “communities”; virtual reality and virtual worlds; implications of streaming media for popular cinema; interactive cinema;, changing relations between cinema and video.
  9. Inter/New media, virtual geographies, statistical development, and neo-urbanization in South Asia.
  10. Issues of access and control; knowledge management; security issues; risk; and piracy issues in Inter/New media;
  11. New media in social and economic contexts; Inter/New Media and “Political Society”; Inter/New Media and sovereignty in the South Asian Context; Cyber protest, activism, anti-globalisation and social mobilization.

Editors: Anustup Basu, Rajinder Dudrah, Sangita Gopal and Amit Rai

Contact Details:

Anustup Basu – basu1@uiuc.edu

Rajinder Dudrah – rajinder.dudrah@manchester.ac.uk

Sangita Gopal – sgopal@uoregon.edu

Amit Rai – asrai@fsu.edu

Date for submission of first essays: 31 August 2008.

The Special Issue will be published in July 2010 after a process of peer review. Details of SAPC, including journal house style and essay word lengths: www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/14746689.html

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  1. Sir, i’m student of Mass Communication at university of kashmir and my project is on “implications of new media in south asian region”. it would be nice of you if you guide me in this matter. please tell me how to go on and what aspects need to be taken in mind.

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