Of hyphens and the US-India-Pak trinity

While India seeks to impress on the big other to dehyphenate it from the bastard cousin, Pakistan feels the exact opposite. Read the 8-Point agenda for Holbrooke by Dr Maleeha Lodhi, former envoy to the US and the UK, and a former editor of The News:

  1. Seek an end to unilateral US Predator attacks on Pakistani territory
  2. Reject any conditionality attached to assistance promised under the Biden-Lugar bill.
  3. Convey that Pakistan is neither looking for nor needs US military assistance to build its conventional capability.
  4. Insist on the criticality of trade, rather than aid, in helping Pakistan’s economic recovery
  5. Assert that a genuinely “regional approach” should address Pakistan’s security concerns with India, especially Kashmir, and Afghanistan
  6. Insist that as the US reshapes its Afghan policy, Pakistan’s views and security are factored into the review
  7. Counsel the US that simply sending more troops to Afghanistan without a significant change in strategy will be counter-productive
  8. Policies to stabilise Afghanistan should not unintendedly end up destabilising Pakistan, as has been the case with the flawed approach and military missteps of the Bush era

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