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Summary: Differences over Kashmir persisted as both Pakistan and Indian media carried their respective governments’ versions on negotiations and outcomes. The Pakistan media reported Musharraf’s statement that an early solution on Kashmir was imminent, while yesterday Manmohan Singh held his cards to the chest and repeated the Indian position. Editorialising on the developements, both the Daily Times and The Nation carried editorials criticising Singh’s proposals on Kashmir. At the same time Nation in a commentary alleged that a “betrayal” by Musharraf on Kashmir was imminent. Indian business & economy received as much coverage as Kashmir. The most widely covered report was India’s projection of 500mn mobile phones by 2010. Interest in US-India nuclear deal continued, with one report and an editorial in Daily Times. A report on the induction of the supersonic BrahMos missile into the Indian military was also picked up.

Total stories: 28
Bilateral relations: 6
Business & Economy: 6
Editorials & Commentary: 5
Foreign affairs: 2
Kashmir: 6
Military: 1
Politics: 1
Misc: 1

Bilateral relations

2500 tonnes of Pakistani wheat reaches India
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
Ltd, had told Reuters earlier this month. There is a possibility of up to 150000 tonnes of Pakistani wheat coming to India, he said. reuters.

Indo-Pak friendship to boost trade: Banerji
The News – International – Pakistan
PESHAWAR: Chairman Team Board India (TBI) Basudeb Banerji has said that growing friendship between India and Pakistan would help enhance business and trade …

Pakistanis won’t accept Line of Control as permanent border: Fazl
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
He welcomed development of a joint India-Pakistan anti-terror mechanism, but evaded a direct answer when asked about his views on cross-border terror. …

Fazl meets Singh
The News
NEW DELHI: Leader of the opposition in National Assembly Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman called on Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh here on Wednesday. Official sources said they discussed Pakistan-India r..

Mein Ek Din Laut Ke Aaoonga: Pakistan-India joint production to be premiered tomorrow
Daily Times
KARACHI: The film titled, Mein Ek Din Laut Ke Aaoonga, a joint production of Pakistan and India, will be premiered in Karachi’s two big cinemas on Friday. Pakistani and Indian actors announced this at a media briefing here at a hotel on Wednesday. The cast of Rs 50 million film includes Indian actresses…

Pakistan-India joint film venture launched
The News – International – Pakistan
The cast included renowned actor Humayun Saeed from Pakistan, and actress Nausheen Ali Sardar from India, who is famous for her character Kusum, …

Business & Economy

India to have 500 million phones by 2010
Daily Times
NEW DELHI: India expects to have half a billion phone connections in place by the end of the decade, a minister said Wednesday, as the country tries to better connect its sprawling rural population. The country, home to more than a billion and one of the world’s fastest growing telecom markets, hopes…

India aims for 500m phone connections by 2010
NEW DELHI: India expects to have half a billion phone connections in place by the end of the decade, a minister said on Wednesday, as the country tries to better connect its sprawling rural population….

Yahoo to expand Indian operation ,gears for America Online’s entry
The News
BANGALORE, India: Web giant Yahoo! assigned a bigger role to its Indian unit in a global revamp on Wednesday as it prepared to take on US rival America Online in one of its fastest growing advertising markets.

‘Rising rupee may not curb inflation’
Daily Times
MUMBAI: Indian Central Bank Governor Yaga Venugopal Reddy said on Wednesday that the rupee’s rise to nine-year highs would not necessarily bring down inflation and may instead fuel demand.

Workers revive tea business
MUNNAR (India): Faced with unemployment in their failing tea estates, about two years ago, tea pluckers in the rolling highlands of Kerala responded by forming cooperatives to buy out their former employers Tata Tea and turn the gardens into profitable enterprises….

Appetite for gold in their genes
ALLAHABAD: Gold. It’s the ultimate luxury gift and nowhere more so than in India where brides are draped in gold from dowries laden with jewellery….

Editorials & Commentary

EDITORIAL: Manmohan Singh’s “simple vision” for Kashmir
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
It is obvious that Mr Singh is not prepared to be very creative about Kashmir although he seems very keen to move the Indo-Pak equation forward. Even if one accepts that Pakistan has to give more ground and move forward to normalisation without making it conditional to Kashmir, the Indian prime minister has been completely without his beans, to use a colloquialism. One knows that status quo governments are usually constipated, but Mr Singh is not open to even mildly laxative ideas on how to make Pakistan love normalisation.

A futile exercise
IF the Round Table Conference on Kashmir chaired by Dr Manmohan Singh does not address the real issue that has been responsible for souring relations between India and Pakistan for nearly 60 years, it can only be termed as ‘a futile exercise’.

Betrayal in Kashmir imminent
There have been many declarations on Kashmir but the past leaders had the good sense not to sign any agreement on Kashmir with India. Musharraf is the first to be ready to give India all it wants – control over Azad Kashmir and Northern Area and land access to Afghanistan and beyond.

INSIGHT: Troubled deal — Ejaz Haider
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
If the US stands it ground and not allow India to reopen the text, New Delhi will have to decide soon whether it wants to have its cake or eat it … There being a broad consensus on how the capability needs to be used, to what end, and how much freedom India must enjoy to make its own decisions, it is difficult for New Delhi to bind itself in and through a treaty which constrains its freedom of action in terms of future testing and reprocessing of fuel, both vital to improving weapon design (miniaturisation etc) and the reliability of the arsenal.

Economic links with China
Meanwhile, Indian exports are to rise by 30 per cent to $160 billion this year. Last year it achieved its target of $125 billon. Next year’s target is $200 billion. With India leaping forward in exports and filling the markets which our exporters can normally exploit, can Pakistan be content with its export growth of 3-5 per cent, or even the rise in textile exports of seven per cent within 9 months of this financial year. Can we afford such a situation, although it may be said that the Indian exports are excelling in the service sector particularly IT and call centre performance. Pakistan was supposed to make headway in the IT sector too but clearly we are not making enough efforts but making more noise

Foreign affairs

India trying to salvage nuclear deal with US
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
NEW DELHI: In a desperate bid to salvage the Indo-US civilian nuclear cooperation deal India is prepared to drop any mention of nuclear testing in the final …

Abdul Kalam
The News
STRASBOURG: Indian President Abdul Kalam, in an address to the European parliament on Wednesday, called for stronger ties with the EU, particularly on the environment and in technology. Kalam, who received a warm welcome from the assembled Euro MPs in their Strasbourg chamber, stressed the similarit .


Kashmiri leaders not optimistic about Singh’s pledge
Daily Times
NEW DELHI: Most Kashmiri leaders believe that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s pledge to implement the recommendations of four working groups whose reports were adopted at the third roundtable meeting here late on Tuesday night will go down like many other unfulfilled promises.

India urged to cut Kashmir troops
The News
HELD SRINAGAR: India should cut its military presence in held Kashmir and allow state police to fight the violence, a leading regional politician said on Wednesday. The move is “imperative” to end ali.

Kashmir could be resolved early
Daily Times
MADRID: President Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday said the world could see the resolution of the Kashmir dispute earlier than expected…Referring to Pakistan-India efforts in bringing peace to South Asia, the president said the two countries had taken several confidence-building measures. However, he said they alone would not be enough to achieve the objective of peace and normalisation of relations between the two states.

Musharraf sees early Kashmir settlement
MADRID, April 25: President Pervez Musharraf has said that the world may see the resolution of Kashmir dispute earlier than expected….

Musharraf hints at early Kashmir solution
The News
MADRID: President Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday said the world may see the resolution of the Kashmir dispute earlier than expected. “A reasonable progress on this account (Kashmir issue) has alrea.

Militants demand open Internet cafes in Kashmir
Daily Times
SRINAGAR: An Islamic rebel group in Indian Kashmir has demanded that Internet cafes demolish closed-door cabins for users, claiming they are being used for “licentious” purposes. The Al Badr Mujahideen group, which has claimed responsibility for many attacks on Indian troops, issued no deadline and…


New artillery regime to handle India’s BrahMos
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
NEW DELHI: The Indian Army is adding a new regime in its artillery wing to handle the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile and the nucleus of the new formation …


Dalit woman favoured to win polls in UP
NEW DELHI: When the results of the ongoing elections in northern Uttar Pradesh state are out on May 11 chances are high that a ‘hung’ assembly would emerge, reflective of the highly fragmented polity in India’s most populous province….


A shrewd survey of India since World War II
LONDON: It’s in the nature of nations to be addicted to their own histories. Older, pre-national communities, one imagines, occupied themselves with mythology. The secular nation, agog, rehearses its history, the very reasons and outcomes of its existence, to itself….

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