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Summary: Against the backdrop of Manmohan Singh’s statement at the Kashmir roundtable, Nation and The News carried editorials (“Unjustified optimism” & “Solution in sight?”) cautioning against any optimism given India’s “maximalist position”. The problem was framed as one of Indian political intransigence on one hand, and the influence of the military on bilateral affairs on the other. Routine coverage of bilateral issues and business & economy continued.

Total stories: 19
Bilateral relations: 10
Business & Economy: 3
Editorials & Commentary: 4
Foreign affairs: 1
Politics: 1

Bilateral relations

Pak-India trade: Removal of tariff, non-tariff barriers demanded
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
“Removal of such barriers can vault the bilateral trade between India and Pakistan to nine billion dollars in a relatively shorter time frame,” said …

Pakistani among 3 held in Delhi
Daily Times
NEW DELHI: The Indian police on Thursday arrested three suspected Islamic militants armed with explosives near a popular New Delhi tourist site, police said.

Three militants arrested from Delhi market
The News
NEW DELHI: Three heavily armed suspected militants were arrested at a popular crafts market in the heart of the Indian capital on Thursday, police said. “On the basis of specific input Commandos from

Don’t talk on domestic issues while abroad: Afgan
Daily Times
ISLAMABAD: Dr Sher Afgan Niazi, parliamentary affairs minister, on Thursday said parliamentarians should avoid discussion on domestic issues during their foreign visits especially when in India. “No foreign dignitary talks of domestic issues in this country. We should also avoid such talks at international

Pakistan wants peace through strength in South Asia, says Aziz
Daily Times
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan seeks peace through strength in the South Asia and will never compromise on its nuclear programme or minimum deterrence needs, said Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on Thursday at a ceremony to hand over the final production.

Father appeals to Musharraf and Singh for son’s return
Daily Times
LAHORE: The father of a 38-year-old man, who left his home secretly in 1991 and ended up in custody in India, appealed on Wednesday to President Pervez Musharraf and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to return his son, The Hindu newspaper reported on Thursday.

‘Main laut kay aoon ga’ screened at LPC
Daily Times
LAHORE: ‘Main laut kay aoon ga’, a movie with Indian and Pakistani actors had a press show at the Lahore Press Club on Thursday. The Rs 50 million budget movie features Asha Bhosley and Jawad Ahmed together for the first time in playback.

Pak-India trade: Removal of tariff, non-tariff barriers demanded
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
“Removal of such barriers can vault the bilateral trade between India and Pakistan to nine billion dollars in a relatively shorter time frame,” said …

Cement export to India pushes index 43 pts up
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
KARACHI: The Karachi stock market on Thursday witnessed a volatile and range bound session on Thursday as news regarding permission of cement import by …

PSMA opposes sugar import from India
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
A spokesman of PSMA said reports were appearing in media that India had started offering 300000 tons of sugar to Pakistan. The Indian sugar industry was …

Business & Economy

Indian property investors follow roads, airports
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
MUMBAI: Grumbling that India is slacking on road and rail improvements, property investors are flocking to those few areas where the work is going in, …

ONGC eyes 33% stake in Shell Egypt block
Daily Times
NEW DELHI: Indian state-run explorer Oil and Natural Gas Corp is firming up a proposal to buy up to 33 percent in an Egyptian deepwater gas block from operator Royal Dutch Shell, sources said on Thursday.

AOL plans aggressive international expansion
The News – International – Pakistan
BANGALORE, India: America Online, the Internet arm of media giant Time Warner, said it will expand “aggressively” worldwide after stepping into Asia for the first time with the launch of an India portal on Thursday.

Editorials & Commentary

Unjustified optimism
DESPITE the completion of three rounds of the composite dialogue, nothing concrete has emerged on any of the disputes between Pakistan and India. This alone would induce few to share General Musharraf’s optimism about a solution of the Kashmir dispute being in sight. While speaking in Madrid on Wednesday he maintained confidently that the world may see the resolution of the Kashmir issue earlier than expected.

Solution in sight?
The News – International – Pakistan
The announcement by President Pervez Musharraf during his address to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Spanish Congress in Madrid that the Kashmir dispute may be resolved earlier than expected, along with a recent interview given by the Pakistani foreign minister sounding even more optimistic, may well raise the hopes of many in this country and Kashmiris in general that a solution is in sight. However, this optimism needs to be tempered with what Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said at a roundtable conference on Kashmir in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The perils of extremism
To begin the fight let us debate our relations with India and Afghanistan. Why are we so obsessed with being treated by the international community on a par with India? With this complex that our national identity is superior to India’s and that our strength is equivalent because of the nuclear capability we continue to place ideology and honour at the centre of our self-image and national priorities.

INDIA NEWS: Responsible industrialisation —Sandeep Banerjee
Daily Times
Since companies are motivated by little else besides making profit, tax breaks could be an effective way of promoting corporate social responsibility as well as spreading the good cheer of industrialisation

Foreign affairs

Call for expedited work on India, US nuclear deal
Daily Times
NEW DELHI: A parliamentary committee comprising members of all parties has stressed that the nuclear deal with the United States and other related negotiations with the Nuclear Suppliers Group and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) be completed expeditiously “without compromising sovereignty..


Human trafficking: Indian MP barred from parliament
Daily Times
NEW DELHI: An Indian MP arrested in an alleged people smuggling plot was Thursday barred from attending parliament.

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