India in Pakistan media May 16

Summary: Besides the report about Sir Creek talks (Daily Times, The News) and an editorial in the Nation about the Indo-US nuclear deal, there wasn’t much coverage of India in the Pakistani newspapers

Total stories: 9
Bilateral issues: 2
Business & Economy: 2
Editorials & Commentary: 1
Human rights: 1
Environment: 1
Law & Order: 2

Bilateral issues

Indian team due today for Sir Creek talks
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and India will renew efforts at finding common ground to settle the Sir Creek boundary dispute when officials of the countries meet for …

Sir Creek talks tomorrow
The News
ISLAMABAD: An Indian defence delegation, led by Maj-Gen M Gopal Rao, Surveyor-General of India, would arrive here on Wednesday (today) for talks on Sir Creek issue. The talks will be held at the Minis…

Business & Economy

Importers opt for Indian tea as alternative
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
KARACHI: The Indian tea sector is eager to increase it’s exports to Pakistan. Importers are eyeing Indian tea as an alternative to Kenya’s tea, traders said.

India’s MCX eyes $750bn turnover
The News
ISTANBUL: India?s MCX commodity exchange expects turnover of at least $750 billion this fiscal year and will launch an exchange in Mauritius as part o

Editorials & Commentary

Souring 123 Agreement
The Indo-US nuclear deal appears to be souring and India is in a bind to accept it or leave it. Various factors have caused misgivings on both sides. The US has discounted the possibility of making further …

Human rights

Measures to curb sex trafficking: India to ban maid emigration to Gulf states and Africa
Daily Times – Lahore,Pakistan
NEW DELHI: India will ban women under 30 from emigrating to work as domestic help in the Gulf and parts of Africa and Southeast Asia in a bid to curb sex …


Pollution turns Taj Mahal yellow
NEW DELHI, May 15: Air pollution monitoring and curbs on nearby industrial activity have failed to prevent India’s famed monument to love, the Taj Mahal, from turning yellow, a parliamentary committee has found….

Law & Order

Indian law to restore order on roads
NEW DELHI: India on Tuesday unveiled a draft law to discipline reckless motorists and try to restore order on its chaotic roads, where tens of thousands die in crashes every year….

Action over Shilpa kiss shelved
The News, World
NEW DELHI: India?s Supreme Court suspended legal action against Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on Tuesday over enthusiastic kisses bestowed on her by

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