Wide Screen: Peer-reviewed Open Access journal


Wide Screen (link) the online, peer-reviewed, open access journal on screen studies is now launched. The inaugural issue was published last week. The editors are thankful to the academics and practitioners on our editorial and advisory board from over nine countries whose wholehearted support was without cavil. Each is an academic or a practitioner of outstanding international standing and without their support, Wide Screen should be still-born. The journal follows exacting standards of blind peer-review and draw from a large pool of experts who act as reviewers. In this opening issue, they have helped to put together a collection of research papers and critical essays that propose new areas of study or re-problematise films. At the same time interviews with practitioners from different parts of the world provides a much-needed counterpoint to academic theorising. The first issue is divided into four parts: a) essays; b) interviews; c) film reviews. For your support and critique.

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