Intellectuals, critique and power (in French)

In the journal Agone (issues 41 and 42) a whole collection of articles and papers examine the role of intellectuals in regards of liberation struggles. The co-coordinators of these issues, Thierry Discepolo, Charles Jacquier eta Philippe Olivera, present the debate as follows: “The “intellectual” would necessarily be “from the left”, he would only work “naturally” to the service of the dominated, and, above all, his activity would be disinterested. A few historical reminders quickly tarnish this beautiful image, especially showing how the values have changed by which we “commit” ourselves to what “noble cause”. A few current occurrences also show how the functions performed are always more publicly profitable. This collection reviews the roles of some intellectuals in the heart of liberation movements, which have sometimes serve only to liberate themselves, within a class struggle in which they have often change camps.” Information by Jabier Bilbatua. Link (here).

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