Dalit chronicles (April 22, 2008)

Summary: Frontline magazine does a feature on the wall built by upper caste Hindus in Uthapuram, TN; fragile Dalit homes burnt in fires caused by summer winds; Telegraph reports on the attacks on Dalits in MP for daring to smoke in the presence of Thakurs; Call to Recognise Dalits’ Rights in new Nepal Statute

Wall of bias
Frontline – New Delhi,India
The irony of it all is that about 2000 Dalit families live in the village and the village panchayat is headed by a Dalit.

‘Ensure Dalits’ rights in new constitution’
Kantipur Online – Kathmandu,Nepal
Unveiling a report ‘Recasting Justice: Securing Dalit Rights in Nepal’s new constitution in the capital and New York simultaneously, S Pal Ghai, …

Winds fan flames, Dalit hamlets charred
Calcutta Telegraph – Calcutta,India
“Every year, summer winds play havoc with Dalit villagers’ lives. Nine members of a Dalit family were burnt alive last year in Farrukhabad district,” a …

Bidi lights caste fire
Calcutta Telegraph – Calcutta,India
Bhopal, April 21: Dalit men are fleeing a Madhya Pradesh village to escape the wrath of the upper castes after one of them smoked a bidi when a Thakur was …

Call to Recognise Dalits’ Rights in New Statute
Himalayan Times – Kathmandu,Nepal
While the Interim Constitution takes commendable steps towards human rights, significant gaps remain in the protection of Dalit rights, the release further …

Report Highlights ‘Hidden Apartheid’
PR Newswire UK (press release) – London,UK
Dalit Solidarity Network UK (DSN) has found that despite rapid expansion into South Asia by international companies the problems faced by Dalits (so-called …

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