Dalit chronicles (May 19, 2008)

Summary: Differences between caste Christians and Dalit Christians take a nasty turn in TN; Live Mint reports on the claim from Harish Damodaran’s book that there has been no Dalit industrialist; Dalits launch anti-Mayawati forum

Transfer of priest triggers protest
Newindpress – Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India
Differences between caste Christians and Dalit Christians had taken a nasty turn under his leadership. Dalits and Dalit Christians were humiliated and …

Decoding the Indian business gene
Livemint – Delhi,Delhi,India
Also even though Dalit’s in India have managed to be among the top leaders, bureaucrats and judges, but when it comes to entrepreneurship, …

Dalit outfits launch anti-Maya forum
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
By Anand S. Raj (Our correspondent) LUCKNOW – In a new development, about a dozen Dalit leaders heading different outfits, have launched a joint forum in …

The Spirit of Bant Singh
The Langar Hall – San Jose,CA,USA
He has been called the “The Dalit Sword of Mansa” and an “Icon of Dalit Resistance.” A blog has started a petition and fund for his expenses. …

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