(CFP): Pop Samiti

Pop samiti is an experimental open platfoml for people from or with an interest in a South Asian narrative to share ideas and perspectives of being South Asian in the 21st century. According to UN projections, by 2016, the population of India (1.22 billion) is expected to be larger than the population of all the more developed countries combined. By 2050 India will reach around 1.6 billion, India will have taken over China to become the world’s most populous county. Bangladesh and Pakistan will also be in the top 10 most populous countries and with Nepal, Bhutan, Afganistan and Sri Lanka the South Asian family will be a huge demographic.

How will this massive population increase define us as South Asians, what do we have to say? What will the response of artists, writers, activists and thinkers be to this phenomenon? What narratives will emerge and who will define them?

Pop Samiti is an opportunity for us to take this exciting opportunity to collectively engage with each other and create and write our own narratives.

Pop Samiti is attempting to facilitate an artistic response and a critical dialogue between people and localities, to express their visions and ideas. It is an open space for a divergence of work and ideas, encouraging original thinking.

Work will be brought together in Pop Samiti, an international document of ideas. As a paper print publication (in the UK only) and as a free online! downloadable PDF, followed by a launch event in the New Year.

If you would like to submit work or a proposal the guidelines are published here: http://www.popsamiti.com/

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