Launch of Wide Screen journal

Subaltern Cinema is proud to announce the launch of Wide Screen (URL, a peer-reviewed, open access journal. It is devoted to the critical study of cinema from historical, theoretical, political, and aesthetic perspectives. With radical changes in the modes of production, distribution, and exhibition, the journal aims to combine the best of academic and journalistic critique of cinema to inform readers about the various critical vantage points from which to understand cinema in this dynamic environment.

The blog site Subaltern Cinema is now Edit Room, the Wide Screen editors’ blogs (URL

Wide Screen is edited by Gopalan Ravindran, Kishore Budha, and Kuhu Tanvir.

The Advisory Board includes Anand Patwardhan, Christine Gledhill, Latika Padgaonkar, Laura Mulvey, Rakesh Sharma, and Ralf Christensen.

The Editorial Board includes Anurag Kashyap, Diane Myers, Frederick Noronha, Graham Roberts, Kartik Nair, Kuba Mikurda, Rebecca Romanow, Rituparno Ghosh, Sean M Tierney, Tilman Baumgarten, Todd McGowan, Norman Yusoff, Mahyuddin Ahmad.

Both Wide Screen and Edit Room are committed to the concerns of Subaltern Cinema and carry on the tradition by expanding its scope.

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