Pakistan in India Media Mar 18

Summary: Indian newspapers used the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan to highlight Musharraf’s weak position. Official US statements and media reports on the issue were picked up by Hindu, Hindustan Times, and Indian Express.

Total Stories: 15
Bilateral relations: 2
Kashmir: 1
Politics: 11
Terrorism: 1

Bilateral relations

‘India should not “misjudge” Musharraf’
Times of India – New Delhi,India
NEW DELHI: Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said that India should not “misjudge” Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf because it would …

Reviving painful memories and tragic trauma of Partition
Hindu – Chennai,India
NEW DELHI: A group of young girls from Delhi is now in Pakistan to revive the painful memories and trauma of Partition in the words of one of the most …


Endless wait
The Hindu
Almost two years after the LOC was reopened, getting to the other side to meet long-lost family members is still a long-winded affair.


US for ‘restraint’ in Pak domestic showdown
Hindu – Chennai,India
US has called for “restraint” and “accommodation” on the part of the government and the protesters involved in a continued showdown over the dismissal of the Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court.

US pushes Musharraf to do more for democracy in Pakistan
Hindustan TImes
The United States says while some progress has been made towards Pakistan’s democratic development under president Pervez Musharraf, there is absolutely more to do.

Pakistan to appoint Hindu judge as Acting Chief Justice
Hindu – Chennai,India
Islamabad, March 17 (PTI): Faced with unprecedented public protests over the sacking of Chief Justice Iftikar Muhammad Chaudhury, Pakistan today announced …

Security barricades removed
No restrictions on Chaudhary, orders Supreme Judicial Council

Pak Police attack HC lawyers in Lahore
Times of India
Police fired tear gas shells to disperse protesting lawyers in continuing unrest over the suspension of the top judge.

Police storm Lahore HC
The Indian Express
The confrontation over the suspension of Pakistan’s Chief Justice showed no signs of easing today as police stormed the Lahore High Court premises…

Defining moment in Pakistan history: Imran
Hindu – Chennai,India
In an exclusive interaction with The Hindu , Mr. Khan termed the events as “one of the most exciting things happening in Pakistan.” …

‘Democracy under arrest’, US daily on Pak
The Indian Express
Washington, March 17: Slamming Bush administration for praising President Pervez Musharraf despite his action against the Chief Justice, a leading US daily has accused the General of ‘systematically dismantling’ liberal and secular institutions in Pakistan that are “already threatened by Islamic extremism”.

Is Musharraf’s iron-grip on Pakistan slipping?
Times of India – New Delhi,India
Lt-Gen Hamid Gul, the man who presided over the devilish designs of the Inter-Services Intelligence for years, showed up in the supreme court of Pakistan …

Mush sees ‘conspiracy’ as protests intensify
Times of India – New Delhi,India
LAHORE: Amid intensified protests over suspension of Pakistan Chief Justice, which saw the police enter the Lahore High Court and attack lawyers, …

Attack on TV channel aimed at maligning me: Mush
Times of India – New Delhi,India
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf on Saturday termed the attack on Geo TV office a conspiracy aimed at lowering his image. …


US may fret, but India isn’t Mushy
Times of India – New Delhi,India
As Pakistan goes through the throes of both civil unrest and battling the west on the Taliban, India is in a unique situation of being involved, …

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