Capture: Subaltern Studies filmmaking program

Subaltern Studies announces Capture, a documentary filmmaking program for early filmmakers from India and the United Kingdom.

The objective of this program is to provide an opportunity to early documentary/short filmmakers from Britain and India to work together to make films. This exercise will give young filmmakers from both countries a feel of working in cross-cultural environments. Besides filmmaking skills and the exposure through the project, the students will benefit by learning about the size and scope of the Indian and British A/V market, filmmaking culture, SWOT of their own practice, and opportunities. The program is being organised by Diane Myers, an award winning BBC and Channel 4 filmmaker and producer. Steve Boulton, a BAFTA Award winning filmmaker and and MD of Steve Boulton Productions (the company that has produced numerous Dispatches for Channel 4) has endorsed the project along with Peter Gordon, former Head of Documentaries at ITV Leeds. They will be holding sessions during the program.

The program will be held in the year 2008. An announcement to the effect will follow in the coming months.

We welcome inquiries from individuals or institutions interested in collaborating with us on the project.

For details email: email1.png

Kishore Budha

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